Fundraising For, A Heart For Korah

Dear the People of the World,

My name is Junia Neufeld and I am a Grade 10 student from Saskatchewan doing a school project. My whole class was told to create and do a project that helps others. So I decided to do a fundraiser called a Geek Swap. I wanted to do something that is fun and is not done very often.

A Heart For Korah is the organization I’m running this Geek Swap for. If you would like to know more about this organization you can go to there HERE  . You can also follow them on TWITTER,   INSTAGRAM, and  FACEBOOK .

I hope you have a great day/evening wherever you are in this world.


Junia Neufeld

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Event Registration Opening Date: Well it’s open right now.

Event Registration Closing Date: When I reach enough people to actually do this

Register here: Geek Swap Registration

What is a Geek Swap?

A Geek Swap is for anyone who has a fandom that they really love and would love to get a package in the mail.

How does it work?

How it works is you first donate a minimum $5 donation to Fundraiser’s For Korah Go Fund Me page by clicking here: Go Fund Me

You will than fill out the registration form picking the fandom you would like to join in. My goal is 500 registrations so please share (I’m begging you) and let the people of the world know about this.

On July 8, 2017 you will hopefully get your partner’s profile and the real fun begins. You can be creative, have fun, and if you want to, even decorate the mailing box! Make sure you send a letter introducing yourself, include your name. You can even send your social media to them.

 Make sure to mail your package out to your partner by July 30, 2017. Once that is done you will need to be patience and wait for your package to come in the mail! This is not a back and forth swap. The person you have will possibly not have you. Someone else will.

My fundraiser goal is 500 registrations so please share and let the people know about this.

How many items do you have to give them?

A minim of three different items. (Have to be themed to their fandom and what they’ve said they like.)

How much you can spend?

Well I would like you to spend a minim of $20.00, but  you can spend more if you want.

What is it the swap for?

It is a fundraiser to help raise money for an organization called A Heart For Korah. To learn more about the organization go to .

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form